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About Me

mecloseupI’m Claresa, a freelance writer, media consultant, and faith-inspired creative with a passion for sharing stories. With a career that’s already given me the opportunity to work with online magazines and at stations within the ClearChannel and Hearst Television family, I have the experience to help you identify, clarify, and communicate yours.

Broadcast Journalist

Call me a self-proclaimed info junkie who loves to find new information and share it. I spent nearly ten years writing and producing news for radio, television, and online media before becoming a freelancer for online magazines geared towards faith and/or family.

Blogger & Storyteller

As an avid blogger, I am the writer and editor of the faith and lifestyle blog Finding Inspiration. I am also a regular contributor at GraceTable, a site that brings faith and food together to show the beauty of God’s grace.

Social Media Marketer

Throughout my career, I’ve seen the changes that are pushing social media to the forefront of online communication. From advertising with unique graphics and images to actively engaging in online communities, I am always looking for better ways to effectively share information.