I started blogging in 2009. Today, those posts are a part of a blog I call Finding Inspiration. It is all about the people, the moments and the experiences that encourage personal growth—building faith, improving health, strengthening relationships, and encouraging productivity and creativity at work. And at the root of all that growth is a belief that God is the ultimate source for all those good things (James 1:17), and it all works to give us a glimpse at Him and reveal a bit of the beauty He creates in a world full of messy, broken people.

My writing there covers many areas of life, but the areas I tend to write about more frequently are Christian Faith and Culture, Motherhood, Marriage, Community, Self-Esteem and Body Image, and Productivity and Organization. Here are some of my most popular posts:


In 2016, I became a regular contributor for a blog called GraceTable. The blog is about faith and food. Each story posted shows the importance of both the grace God offers to us and that which we extend to others as we go through our daily lives.


I also write guest posts on blogs from time to time. Here are a couple of them:

Freelance Writing & Editing




Writing poetry is my favorite type of creative writing. In fact, many of my blog posts feature short poems. Here are a few of my favorites:

For a look at more of my poems on this site, I have an archived list here.